Host services in IIS rather than Widnows Services

In some scenarios, we need to periodally run a task, or some tasks need to be long running in background threads. To decouple it from main business, we could isolate it as a servie, and then communication with it through some protocols, e.g. named pipe, net.tcp, TCP/IP, HTTP and so on. The service can be hosted in Windows Service, but if we deal with clients with lots of security restrictions on their servers which makes running a Windows Service difficalt or impossible.

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Conditional Library Reference In Visual Studio

I recently ran into a situation where I needed to have a single project in Visual Studio to reference different platform DLL (e.g. x86, x64). That’s to say, if I build solution with x86 platform the project will reference the x86 dependency library; otherwise, reference the x64 lib.

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Docker Redis Master Slave

A few days ago, my colleague asked me how to configure redis master-slave on docker. I tell him redis has a replication feature, to investigate the details will be better before to configure it on docker. However, after a day, my colleague asked me again. So, I write this here.

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This Site Based On Jekyll And Github Pages

This my personal site is Jekyll and github pages based.

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I'm a developer, I use C/C++, Java, C# and Swift, but I also embrace all the new stuff.

I'm working at Tencent. My family live in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Maybe the difference with other programmers is I already married, and have a lovely daughter. (^<>^)

A man like me, is unique in the world of existence, no matter where you go, there belonging to my stage. Like desert gold, light can not hide forever! Especially my messy hair, melancholy eyes, sigh of stubble, handsome face, are deeply addicted whom even I.