A few days ago, my colleague asked me how to configure redis master-slave on docker. I tell him redis has a replication feature, to investigate the details will be better before to configure it on docker. However, after a day, my colleague asked me again. So, I write this here.

Run redis master

We use the docker hub official redis image to build the master/standalone redis.

sudo docker run --name="docker_redis_master" --restart=always -p -d redis

Building the redis slave image

We base on official latest redis image to build the redis salve image, so, first we need to create a new Dockerfile

vim /home/rigofunc/doc/Dockerfile The Dockerfile as following:

FROM redis:latest


VOLUME ["/data"]

COPY start-redis-slave.sh /start-redis-slave.sh

RUN chmod +x /start-redis-slave.sh

ENTRYPOINT ["/start-redis-slave.sh", "--dir", "/data"]	 The start-redis-salve.sh file as following:

if [ -z "$DOCKER_REDIS_MASTER_PORT_6379_ADDR" ]; then
	echo "DOCKER_REDIS_MASTER_PORT_6379_ADDR not defined. Did you run with -link?";
	exit 7;

# exec allows docker-redis-slave to receive signals for clean shutdown


exec /usr/local/bin/redis-server --slaveof $DOCKER_REDIS_MASTER_PORT_6379_ADDR $DOCKER_REDIS_MASTER_PORT_6379_PORT Using docker build command to build the Dockerfile

sudo docker build -t redis-slave .

Verify whether have the image

To verify the new image, typing sudo docker images, if succeed, will as following:

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
redis-slave         latest              d85a8de17772        5 days ago          109.2 MB
redis               latest              2f2578ff984f        3 weeks ago         109.2 MB

Run the redis slave

Because we had have the redis slave redis image, so we can use docker –link to link the redis master

sudo docker run --name="docker_redis_slave" --restart=always --link=docker_redis_master:docker_redis_master -p -d redis-slave


The Dockerfile and the shell script can be download from my github repo


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